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Why American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine?

1st Global Leader in Aesthetic Medicine training since 1999
Our worldwide faculty are experts in their respective fields
Trained more than 20,000 successful physicians worldwide, many of whom started and excelled in their aesthetics practice and many became influential aesthetic practitioners, KOLs or Trainers in the industry
Offers more than 300 courses across 30 countries
Theory, lectures, live demonstrations and extensive hands-on applications

Why Medical Aesthetics?

Now, more than ever before, the non-invasive aesthetic treatments are increasingly appealing to many as safe and effective alternatives to the scalpel. The global medical aesthetic market is projected to reach USD 53 Billion. Adding aesthetic medicine as an additional skill set can be beneficial toward capitalizing on this growing market. With the demand of these treatments high and predicted increase, now is the best time to receive training. Don't miss the opportunity to learn from the 1st Global Leader in aesthetic medicine since 1999!

Aesthetic Medicine Rising Trend

Pathway to AAAM Board Certification

Level 1 Certificate Course in Aesthetic Medicine

Certificate course is open to all medical physicians. Includes theory, live demonstrations and hands-on trainings. Topics include Skin Conditioning & Chemical Peels, Lasers & Other Light & Energy Based Devices, Basic Botulinum Toxin & Filler Injections. Upon passing level 1, you are awarded Certificate in Aesthetic Medicine, endorsed by AAAM and may proceed to Level 2.

Online aesthetics medical course
Level 2 Diploma Course in Aesthetic Medicine

Completion of Level 1 is mandatory. Advanced topics covering Cosmetic Dermatology, Pain Management, Mesotherapy, Platelet Rich Plasma, Advanced Botulinum Toxin & Filler Injections. Upon passing Level 2, you are awarded Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine, endorsed by AAAM and may proceed to Level 3.

Online aesthetics medical course
AAAM Board Examination

A two-hour written examination comprising of 100 multiple choice questions and oral presentation. Upon demonstrating a physician's exceptional expertise in Aesthetic Medicine specialty, you are designated, Board Certified, AAAM.

Master Courses

A wide array of Master Courses is being offered to all medical physicians that includes theories, live demonstrations and hands-on trainings. Master Courses such as Thread Lifting, Hair Loss Management and Hair Transplant, Liposuction, Platelet Rich Plasma & Stem Cell Therapy, etc. Do Check as certain Master Courses have pre-requisites to attend.

Steps to Course Booking

Step 1: Join AAAM Regular Membership:
Apply AAAM Regular Membership at USD 200 for members'’ privileged rates in all AAAM courses. Membership automatically lapses after one year with option to renew at same fee. All Members receive a Membership Certificate, complimentary access to e-journals and newsletters etc. Membership can be conveniently completed with credit card payment here
1) Create your login details & and click "Register New Account"
2) Submit your application by clicking "Register"
3) Select "Membership" from Menu Tab and Click "Join as Member"
4) Your Member ID is emailed instantly upon successful credit card transaction

Step 2: Online Course Enrollment with Payment latest one month prior to course commencement
A copy of your valid medical registration is required for course admission


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